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Gold Key Certification

Excellence In Professionalism

Gold Key Certification

The Importance of making a professional impression


Professionalism and quality 客户服务 are the keys to success in the real estate industry, so be sure to add this certification to the top of your achievements. 

“The Gold Key class is such a fun class to teach because we really take the full day to connect the dots on how to use professionalism to make more money. We are always striving to have higher satisfaction ratings from our customers, but we don't always know 怎么走 关于它的. This class takes your business to the next level, and so many of the students get great ideas and pages of notes from the class. I always look forward to se意赢互动 他们的 businesses thrive from the new strategies they implement from what they have learned.” 辛西娅DeLuca, instructor 

The purpose of the Gold Key course is to enlighten participants on the “keys” to b意赢互动 successful in the real estate industry. This class assists 房地产经纪人® in gaining a higher degree of professionalism and provides them with a broad general knowledge of how to succeed. The Gold Key certification course is beneficial to both new and seasoned 房地产经纪人®. Those who are new to the profession attain a greater level of expertise, while experienced 房地产经纪人® often discover the class to be the perfect refresher course. 

Through this class, participants gain an understanding of what consumer surveys say about 房地产经纪人® and 他们的 quality of service and professionalism. Specifically, students will: 

  • 发现 五个 的方法 改善 他们的 客户服务
  • 学习 how training and accountability increase professionalism
  • 学习如何eet or exceed buyer and seller expectations 
  • Know what it takes to set 自己 apart from other agents
  • 学习如何做某事eal with difficult customers without losing the deal
  • 学习如何dapt in order to meet the standards of buyers and sellers
  • 学习如何 redefine 他们的年代kills to understand current disclosure issues
  • 学习 how risk management increases professionalism
  • 学会evaluate circumstances that motivate customers to buy and sell
  • 学会establish standards 援助的 providing professional services throughout the transaction, from start to finish

简而言之,this course will equip 房地产经纪人® with the tools and knowledge for establishing relationships with 他们的 real estate colleagues, affiliated business partners, and customers that will last a lifetime.




“I think the class really helped me understand what is needed to become a true professional. It was interesting to see what things I needed a refresher on as well.”——匿名

“This should be required for all agents! It’s like a capstone to everything we have experienced but haven’t necessarily been taught in our pre/post-license classes.”——匿名

“It’s amazing to learn what you thought you knew and didn’t. All licensees should be required to take this course in depth and pass it.”——匿名

“When I wearmy Gold Key pin,my clients know immediately that I adhere to the highest standards of what a REALTOR® symbolizes. It shows them that I will give them that kind of service, and that this is my commitment to them.” —Fresa Alejo-Jones REALTOR®




NEFAR成员: $50

非成员国: $75




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A renowned real estate instructor and expert in her course material, 辛西娅DeLuca serves as an instructor for the Northeast Florida Association of 房地产经纪人®(NEFAR), the Orlando Regional 房地产经纪人® Association (ORRA) and Florida Realtors®. A REALTOR®, property manager, educator, and author, Ms. DeLuca has personally sold thousands of properties, managed more than 135 房地产经纪人®, taught tens of thousands of real estate agents and brokers, and has written three books on real estate. Her newest volume, “The Standout Agent,” quickly climbed to the top of the best-seller list on Amazon. She has been featured in both 佛罗里达房地产经纪人® magazine and has been honored with the prestigious Florida Realtors® Educator-of-the-Year award.